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Instead of identifying the route and  intentionally striding towards their goal, physicians often aimlessly wander the path toward leadership.

Do you struggle with finding your meaning and purpose?

The unspoken expectation is that physicians should be fiercely independent. Yet, the foundation of today's practice of medicine is interdependence.

Are you suffering quietly with pervasive feelings of self-doubt?

In medicine, physicians are expected to be confident and sure of themselves, even before true confidence is earned through competence.

Have you ever suffered from intense impostor syndrome?

Every physician was at the top of their class... until medical school. Then, suddenly, they were surrounded by other exceptional people.

"Working with Dr. Hunt has helped me challenge ideas that were unconsciously holding me back and overcome external barriers strategically and effectively. Coaching with Dr. Hunt is the most meaningful investment I’ve made in myself as a leader."

Physician Leader and Professor of Pediatrics

Are you curious about coaching? 

The Space

Coaching is creating a space for conversation and dynamic exchange that leads to self-discovery around behaviors, actions, results, and intersectionality. The analysis parts of coaching are, by definition, not just conversational, but are goal-directed and action-oriented. 

The Journey

During the coaching journey, new possibilities are created, new strategies are tested, new results are measured. Coaching finds, discovers, and unlocks the resources within a person to enable them to  be intentional in creating their future.

The Guide

Coaches ask deep and penetrating questions that force you to stop and think. The coach creates a safe space for exploration, so that you can get uncomfortable and push your edge. The coach will invite you to make a commitment to new strategies on the way toward your identified goals.

“I believe that my clients are whole and unbroken. They come to coaching with amazing skills. We go on a coaching journey that amplifies their personal power.”

Dr. Jennifer Hunt, Executive Leadership Development Coach

These are some of the benefits that my clients discover from coaching

My clients are well-trained, exceptionally talented, high-achieving individuals. And, yet, they often struggle to feel confidence in their talent and pride in their success. 

In our work together, my clients develop confidence in their skills, talents, and knowledge.  They overcome their impostor syndrome.  They are able to articulate  their value to their organization and to others. 

Although my clients are often in intense, fast-paced, and demanding jobs, they often also suffer from perfectionism and procrastination.

In our work together, I help my clients develop concrete personal productivity skills around time and energy management, personal strategic planning, and smart prioritization. 

Much of my clients’ careers have been focused on driving forward, sometimes without as much focus on the importance of strategic relationships. As they move progress, they may find they don’t always have the emotional capital for critical alliances.

Our coaching work together focuses on very real and important skills in emotional intelligence. My clients learn strategies to build and strengthen relationships that lead to better outcomes and results.    

When career is prioritized for years, happiness, joy and satisfaction can be forgotten or neglected.  And, yet, it turns out that there are very simple and easy ways to increase happiness and optimism can be enhanced.

Despite their overcrowded lives, I help my clients to shift their viewing angle away from negative and towards positive.  My clients learn to savor special moments and leave regret behind. 

Advancement at work seems like it should be a natural progression. And, yet, many of my high-achieving clients discover that the path to leadership is not at all transparent at their organization. They also find they sabotage themselves by accepting non-strategic, unplanned opportunities. 

Whether they need accountability or confidence to push them to seek new challenges, or a defined strategy to purposefully move up in their field, I help my clients design and achieve the future that they want. 

Life is complicated and full of intricate decisions. Many clients come to coaching in the midst of one major decision or another. 

The coaching journey helps clients discover their values and motivations and uncover meaning and purpose. I help them recognize and honor the moments of insight that happen right before they find clarity. 

Honestly, I’d tried just about every productivity tool out there but signing up with you has been the most transformative thing I have done! I could gush on and on!

Physician Medical Director

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Dr. Hunt holds an endowed Chair and is Professor of Pathology at a major academic medical center in the United States. She is a certified executive coach with the International Coach Federation. She is also an international expert in head and neck and molecular pathology. 

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