Jennifer Hunt MD, Keynote Speaker

Dr. Hunt’s Expertise

As an executive leader in academic medicine for almost 2 decades, Dr. Hunt has expertise in leadership development for women. 

The data are clear. Women are paid less than men in almost every industry. In medicine, women physicias make about 70% of what men make, in exactly the same specialties and roles. Dr. Hunt presents on the drivers of the gender leadership gap and how to start reversing it. 

With extensive experience in leadership development, Dr. Hunt has creates programs tailored to institutional diversity needs. 

Dr. Hunt’s very popular workshop to help high-achieving individuals overcome impostor syndrome has helped hundreds of women overcome their self-doubt and self-sabotage. 

Dr. Hunt has deep expertise in medical staff affairs, including credentialing and management of professionalism complaints against physicians.  Her coaching programs for physicians in distress are powerful and transformative.

Professional career transitions are challenging in any circumstance. Dr. Hunt has programs to provide skills and strategies to navigate changes effectively. 

About Dr. Jennifer Hunt

Passionate about increasing the number of women in leadership, Dr. Hunt uses her experiences as a physician executive to deliver content designed to spark insight and transformation for every member of her audience.

As a TEDx and keynote speaker, best-selling author and workshop facilitator, she delights both live and virtual audiences with carefully constructed content to help participants overcome impostor syndrome, leaving them inspired to pursue their leadership aspirations.


Dr. Hunt is an energizing speaker who engages the audience with real tools and strategies to take back to their every-day lives. Dr. Hunt’s impactful stories set the stage for deep insight. Her content resonates with every single attendee when she asks the audience to listen for themselves or to listen for someone they love.


Dr. Hunt is a masterful group facilitator who doesn’t just teach – she gives the audience a transformative, life-changing experience.


Dr. Hunt’s fast-paced virtual workshops buzz with energy. She has a special talent for engaging every participant even on a computer screen. Dr. Hunt creates show-stopping moments of insight woven into the highly interactive, actionable content.