Impostor Syndrome

Do you sometimes live in fear of being discovered as a fake or a fraud?

Do you sometimes question your skills and talents even while other people are complimenting you?  

Are you excessively hard on yourself and sometimes find too many faults?  

Imagine your life if you felt… 

Do You Have Impostor  Syndrome?

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What if you had just the right amount of self-confidence to savor your successes?

It is within your reach

What if you could stop second guessing and doubting yourself?

It is within your reach
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Now, you may be wondering what you can do about your impostor syndrome…

Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone who had overcome the challenges you are facing now could show you how they did it — someone who created a path forward and was living a fulfilling life of meaning and purpose right now?  

That’s exactly what Dr. Jennifer Hunt created with her Unlocking Your Authentic Self programs. With her unique and highly interactive Fusion C4 insight experiences, her depth of knowledge in coaching, and her extraordinarily well-researched tools, you can adapt new mindsets for your own success and fulfillment too. 

Come on a journey of self-discovery and join thousands of other high-achieving people who have overcome impostor syndrome. 

You have the resources within you. You have the skills and talent.  You have the experiences. Now you just need the mindset…

Up to 70% of high-achieving women and 50% of high achieving men suffer from impostor syndrome. You are not alone

Even though nobody really talks about it, impostor syndrome is holding you back.  It is keeping you from joy, satisfaction, and success that could be yours. 

Impostor syndrome is not a disease and there is no magical cure.  You will not wake up one day and find that your impostor tendencies have disappeared.

The path to enhancing your self-confidence and banishing your self-doubt is through learning new neural pathways and new skills. 

You will be able to master the negative self-talk, the fear of failure, the overwhelming need for perfectionism, and the feeling of being crushed by criticism. 

Just open your mind to the possibilities and lean into practicing new skills and tools. You can build new neural pathways that will help you create your own success. 

When you discover a new mindset, new interpretations, and new ways of processing, you will also rediscover a child-like sense of joy and wonder and learn to deeply experience your special meaning and purpose.  

Here are changes people have experienced after participating in Unlocking Your Authentic Self

I'm starting to acknowledge that maybe I am good enough. 

I've come a long way towards my original goal - to improve my self-confidence

I'm a different person handling situations that used to be difficult for me.


of participants experienced a significant decrease in burnout. 


of participants experienced a signficant increase in self-confidence.


of participants experienced a significant increase in optimism and satisfaction with life. 

Do you want more self-confidence, less self-doubt, and control over negative self-talk?  This course has tools to help you live a fulfilling and inspired life at home and at work.