Coaching with Dr. Jennifer Hunt

Do any of these sound like you? 

♦ Everyone else tells you that you are leader material, but you don’t always see it in yourself. 

♦ You have big dreams and aspirations even if they are aren’t attached to a specific goal or role. 

♦ You want to go somewhere, maybe anywhere, and you’re looking for a strategy to get on the path. 

♦ You are hard-working and dedicated, and sometimes a little frustrated. 

♦ You believe that that you can create your own path forward and you’re ok with it not being easy

♦ There is a lot you want to learn about how you can be more effective in all your roles.

♦ You relentlessly pursue quality and excellence, sometimes to your own detriment. 

♦ You are strong and capable, except occasionally,  when everything falls apart. 

♦ The future you want seems like part unknown, part imagined, and part already real. 

♦ You are ready to make changes in your life in service of you goals and your future.

If any of those sound familiar, you and I might need to have a conversation about coaching! 

Here is what I love most about coaching. 

Want to know if coaching is right for you?  Take this quick quiz to tell you how you might benefit from coaching. 

Your Guide for How to Get the Most Out of Free Introductory Coaching Sessions

Many coaches will offer you a free introductory session to see if there is a good fit. 

The introductory session should be partly the coach telling you about themselves and partly getting to know you and your goals.  And, of course, you should get the opportunity to sample their coaching style!

If you are like a lot of people, you might not have had coaching before and you may not know what to expect from this introductory session.   

I don’t want you to waste this opportunity!  If you do a little advance preparation, you can get the full coaching experience even in the introductory coaching session. 

I invite you to download a workbook that I give to my potential clients to prepare for their introductory session with me.  Thinking about these things in advance will help you maximize your time with a potential coach. And, most importantly, it will give you a chance to explore the type of value you can expect from your coaching sessions. 

How will you know if a coach is a good fit? If you catch yourself with a thought like this, it’s a sure sign you’ve had a powerful coaching session. 

  • This coach seemed to know me more than I know myself; it was like they were in my head
  • This coach’s words and language came alive for me and rattled around for me after our coaching session
  • This coach made me immediately feel safe, but they did not let me get too comfortable, either.
  •  This coach asked some hard questions that made me stop and think
  • During this coaching session coach, I experienced at least one insight that clarified a past or present puzzle.
  • This coach pushed me out of observing and into actively envisioning my desired future

“My husband thinks you are a genius!”

Do you want to learn more about coaching with Dr. Hunt?  You can fill out this contact form and we reach out to you to schedule an introductory call. 

If we connect and discover a good fit for coaching, that would be wonderful!